Try disconnecting the charger for 30 seconds every few hours and plug it back in. I always thought BOSE was the elite in speakers and this thing is a piece of junk. Now you can connect to computer and flash the firmware update to it. One Year Warranty. Pwr UL Listed AC Adapter for Bose-SoundLink Color, Mini 2 II 627840 725192 Portable-Speaker Charger Power Supply; Bose QuietComfort 35, SoundLink headphones II AE2W - EXTRA LONG 6.7 Ft (2 meters) Cord - Check Compatibility Photo. Power’s completely drained, won’t turn on, connecting to AC gives a solid red light, connecting to PC says it doesn’t have enough power to update the firmware. I can’t see it and can’t fix the red light issue blinking on my bose. This also requires taking the entire Soundlink Mini 2 speaker apart to remove the board and battery. Color Black Battery type: Li-ion Construction: Made of highest quality cells! Remarque : remplacez la batterie de l’enceinte SoundLink® par une batterie de rechange authentique, que vous pouvez vous procurer directement chez Bose ou chez un revendeur Bose agréé. Return Policies. While continuing to hold the ‘Multi-function’ button, unplug the speaker from power. item 8 Bose Bluetooth Speaker Soundlink Mini Blue 7 - Bose Bluetooth Speaker Soundlink Mini Blue. Bose Mini Soundlink II – empty battery fix. You can drain the battery a lot faster by turning the volume up. To resolve either of these issues please connect your Bose SoundLink Speaker to the AC Adapter for a minimum of 4 hours of continuous charging before attempting to use the speaker. Reverted back to older firmware took five mins once connected. My next step is just what you said, I will hook up an external charger to the two pins (without actually removing the battery from the speaker) and see if that gets them above the protection circuit threshold where it will charge normally again. Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker 2 Aquatic Blue $50 (Vancouver) ... Bose SoundLink ii 2 $100 (Richmond) hide this posting restore restore this posting. CDN$12.99 ... On ne sait donc pas vraiment ou en est la charge de la batterie. now I downgraded and tried to re set and re boot but I did not see ant light on it , also now I,m charging the mini , still do not see any light on it. Terms — The smalle print can be taken out then and you have to solder the battery. Mine hasn’t done it since. $109.00. No, Bose removed that (see the first link in the post) due to their fear or issues arising from people downgrading. $6.98 shipping. Or is it a brick now. I view this as asking the consumer to pay for a fix to manufacturer/tech issues. Any further advice? Apprenez à utiliser votre produit grâce à des conseils utiles, à des informations d’assistance et aux manuels. I have been trying to open the advanced features menu on the updater, but I’m stuck at this point. You should be able to reapply the most recent update, or do the reset procedure, or just let the battery drain until it shuts off and then recharge it. Hello, is the version 1.1.3 still available? Replacez les vis sur la batterie et serrez-les à l’aide de la clé hexagonale de 2,5 mm. On your mobile device, turn on the Bluetooth® feature. The Bose Soundlink Speaker will enter into Battery Protection mode after 24 days, if the unit is not used and/or charged during this period of time. item 7 BOSE SOUNDLINK COLOR II 2 PORTABLE SPEAKER SOFT BLACK BLUETOOTH 1-YEAR WARRANTY 6 - BOSE SOUNDLINK COLOR II 2 PORTABLE SPEAKER SOFT BLACK BLUETOOTH 1-YEAR WARRANTY. Btw my firmware version was latest at the time 1.14 when it was flashing red as i left the battery ran out and locked in battery shipping mode. This will unlock the “advanced menu” which allows you to downgrade your firmware. Support for all "On The Go" Bluetooth speakers including: SoundLink Revolve, SoundLink Micro, SoundLink Mini, SoundLink Color and SoundLink Wireless Mobile speakers. If you send the battery to Bose expect a 3 to 6 week turn around for a return, which includes about 10 business days of shipping both ways as its a Lithium battery and can only travel ground. It has two 3.7li-ion batteries in series. Utilisez ce tutoriel pour remplacer une batterie défectueuse de votre Mini Soundlink. $12.99 $ 12. I've had it on and playing for some time and I left my room for a while to eat dinner. If you send the battery to Bose expect a 3 to 6 week turn around for a return, which includes about 10 business days of shipping both ways as its a Lithium battery and can only travel ground. High Quality Original 2230mAh Bose Soundlink mini speaker Series 063404 Battery best buy in,1 year warranty and 30 Days Money Back. WTF? 2. Rob, you are way better than bose! Works a treat. This also requires taking the entire Soundlink Mini 2 speaker apart to remove the board and battery. No lights are on when it is not plugged in the bose charger. Plus the $75 for the repair as mentioned earlier. Bose did remove the downgrade firmware option (see the first link in the post) so you can either try a reset or let the battery drain to where it shuts itself off and then stick it on the charger. Thank you so much!!! I have a feeling if I could re-install the latest firmware that what do it. SoundLink Revolve+ also has a carrying handle to make portability easier given its larger diameter. Select your Bose® SoundLink® speaker from the device list. Die kompatiblen Akkus fur Bose SOUNDLINK I II III sind fur den Einsatz als Ersatz- oder Zweitakkus. Bose SoundLink Mini II Replacement Battery. The battery is connected with a cable to the device, please explain how did you remove it properly. 4.7 out of 5 stars 299. Same problem constant red light will not charge. It’ll show the red charging light for a while until it turns itself off, then put it on the charger. 99. Good luck. If I do that, I plan to cut the battery cable in half and solder the new battery to the wires I cut so I don’t have to fight to disassemble or desolder the wires from the PCB. Also why should the speaker have no charge even when it’s plugged in? This situation is driving me insane! At this point, try to charge the speaker fully overnight and see if that worked. I believe the firmware kills it. Honestly if you want to do this right, do it right from the begining. SOLUTION: A new USB cable! Plug the speaker into the charger and let it sit overnight and it should be good. Reply. Been charging for a day, and still solid red. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. What a strange issue to have and why bose hides their advanced features behind a hidden key combo is crazy. A few more images would make this guide's procedures crystal clear. Bose SoundDock Digital Music System Series 1 White Parts Only. Découvrez l'assistance offerte pour votre enceinte Bluetooth SoundLink Color II Apprenez à utiliser votre produit grâce à des conseils utiles, à des renseignements au sujet de l’assistance technique et à des guides d’utilisation. I will never buy a BOSE again because they are so unwilling to fix a problem that obviously several people are having with their product. At this point, the battery remains connected via two wires to the power supply board. You are all set just have to leave it to charge for a few hours. How long in general does it take to come back? To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. The battery should last far longer than a year, so my issue was likely with the firmware. thanks for this post! This worked! Bose Soundlink Color 2 Replacement Speaker Parts (speaker, subwoofer) $19.99. It seems Bose was afraid off issues that would arise from people downgrading the software so they removed the downgrade option. Totally works…woke up this morning and speaker was dead. Once paired, you hear “Connected to ,” and the Bluetooth indicator glows solid white. 12/09/2017 is there a way to solve the red blinking light. If all else fail then just download the Bose updater app and then force your mini soundlink to update the firmware again. If you send the battery to Bose expect a 3 to 6 week turn around for a return, which includes about 10 business days of shipping both ways as its a Lithium battery and can only travel ground. If you have the Soundlink  Mini 2, you can send the battery to Bose and they will rebuild it for $75. Bose Connect works with Bose Frames, QC®35, SoundSport® wireless, SoundSport® Pulse wireless, SoundSport® Free wireless, QuietControl™ 30, SoundLink® wireless II, ProFlight® headphones, and SoundWear Companion speaker, SoundLink® Color II, SoundLink® Revolve, SoundLink® Revolve+, SoundLink® Micro, and S1 Pro® speakers I can see only the 1.4 version. The solid red light will become blinking red. Bose software updater for: QuietComfort, QuietControl, SoundSport, SoundWear, SoundLink and BOSEbuild products. I then waited til 20% and reverted back to latest. When it is plugged in there is a beep and a steady red light. It was the latest version, so I had to experiment. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Stuck in the same situation. Sometime the app doesnot allow you to update if it detects your soundlink already has the latest but trust me still force it to update then the status led will go into solid red instead of flashing red as it did before. Express post available. I am having the SAME problem stated above by Johndraz… Speaker will not turn on, battery is completely dead, red charging light remains on steady (NOT blinking) when plugged in with original Bose charger plugged into side port for several hours. I’ve done all the resets. If you plug the charger in to the side of the speaker and let it sit overnight (and all day while you go to work), knock on wood, it will have charged. Choose a size and copy the code below to embed this guide as a small widget on your site / forum. If everything was done correctly, the red blinking light should be amber now. But can’t. L'enceinte a encore assez d'énergie pour se connecter avec mon mobile, où je peux lire que la charge est inférieure à 20%. Wonderfull!!! And why don’t they tell us? Very poor stance from Bose. Your email address will not be published. You can try either the reset process or let the battery die completely and then charge it. Wanty Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker I/II Case, Black Color Water-Resistant Neoprene Carrying Travel Sleeve Case Bag Skin Covers for Bose SoundLink Color Wireless Bluetooth Speaker I/II 4.4 out of 5 stars 41. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Carefully desolder the two wires from the power supply board in order to completely detach the battery. $15.99. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,016. I would like to re-install the firmware but it does not have any charge so it can’t download it. Thank you so much!!! The Bose Soundlink Mini II, one of the best bang-for-the-buck purchases I’ve ever made (along with the Dyson V8 Absolute) finally started to show its age. MPF Products 2200mAh 088789, 088796, 088772 Battery Replacement Compatible with Bose Soundlink Mini 2, Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker 3.4 out of 5 stars 34 $35.95 $ 35 . Carefully lift the battery from the side nearest the four gold contact pins, but don't try to fully remove it yet. So happy after many many attempts google and trials to get it reset! J'ai une enceinte Bose soundlink Color. Once complete I switched to charging via usb cable plug via docking station. 3. Charging overnight seems to work in most cases. My power light , Bluetooth light and aux light is blinking not coming on. Same here. In order to get it charged, you need to open the battery case and find the charging terminals of li-ion batteries. My JBL Flip speaker blows this thing out of the water. Je reçoit sans cesse le message batterie faible lors que je l'enclenche, même après plusieurs heures de charge. • Augmentez le volume de l’enceinte et de l’appareil mobile (ou de l’application musicale). Thomas Amsler - AC Adapter Charger Fit for Bose SoundLink Color Color 2 II Mini 2 II Revolve Revolve Plus Micro Bluetooth Speaker SoundSport QuietComfort 35 35 II 20 415859 Headphones Power Supply Cord. First, I followed instructions found elsewhere to leave the speaker unplugged for 2+ days, then plug it in. when I click the down arrow for that menu it doesn’t show the 1.3 version. Give it a second, then plug it back in to power. - That’s actually the hard part. Got my bose approximately 4 months wen it enters in this state. When I plugged it into my PC, the device is not being detected at all ergo I cannot try my luck by upgrading/downgrading the firmware. $100. Speaker not turning on? I’ve tried the previous reset too. Hello i’d like to request for an assistance on fixing my SLM 2. Warranty, Returns, And Additional Information. 4. My problem is the same as many here. Condition is Used. Are you referring to keys on my PC keyboard, or are the keys on the Bose unit? Hi, please help me. At this stage it seemed to reboot and started charging with usual beeps. Reflashing 1.1.4 on top of my 1.1.4 fixed me right up!!! Many thanks. But how do I disconnect the battery having a cable?! La batterie est située en bas de l'enceinte sous une protection en plastique. They really did a wonderful job in limiting your options on this item. Does anyone know what else I can try before this speaker gets binned? BOSE WAVE II MUSIC SYSTEM MULTI-CD CHANGER 3 Disk - Platinum white.

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